Saturday, January 7, 2012


A sketch of Kimbra, my future wife. But in all seriousness, I need work on getting likeness of women. Although it came out okay, it doesn't look much like her. I'll have to keep working at that.


  1. this is beautiful!
    i love her and your work.


  2. I saw this on Kimbra's Facebook page and I adore it, it's amazing! You're a really great artist. Would it be ok it I posted this on my tumblr if I gave you full credit?

  3. Of course! I actually posted it on my own tumblr if you want to reblog it from there.
    Otherwise feel free to post it and give credit!

  4. Hey I knew who it was - good work. I'm a fan of hers too

  5. I love Kimbra. and u r right: it doesn't look much like her but still you have drawing skillz. And u work on ur talent, that's great! Go on, we want to see more ;)